NQN's origins date back to 2001, when San Patricio del Chañar was developed as a wine making project undreamed of until that time. Two thousand hectares of Patagonian desert were turned into a beautiful blanket of vineyards. Bodega NQN emerged out of this development, located in a region with excellent climate conditions for growing vines and a significant temperature gap, a fundamental aspect that makes grapes ripe slowly and favors better sugar accumulation, acidity levels, aromas and flavors.

In October 2001 the first vines were planted and the first harvest took place in 2003. The crush area and the winery were built at the end of 2002, whereas the remaining facilities were finished in April 2004.

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Provincial Route 7, Picada 15. Q8306ZAA. San Patricio del Chañar. Neuquén. Patagonia Argentina.
Drink responsibly. Not for sale to under 18.