Bodega NQN owns 127 hectares planted with different varieties of fine grapes and has 1,000 hectares more of future vineyards.

The architecture of the winery combines advanced wine making technology and the esthetics of the Patagonian landscape. It owns a linear organization, and the winery, with a capacity of 1,800,000 liters, melts with the landscape through different taluses that level it off with the mountains locally known as bardas.

The estate occupies 5,800 m², comprising the winery, the offices, Malma Resto-Bar, La Posada and the wine cellar.

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Provincial Route 7, Picada 15. Q8306ZAA. San Patricio del Chañar. Neuquén. Patagonia Argentina.
Drink responsibly. Not for sale to under 18.