Argentine Patagonia, vast and mysterious, is one of the most breathtaking regions in the world. Its unique and incomparable landscapes magically combine plateaus, snow-capped mountains, rivers, strong winds, steppes and the sea. This region is visited by Argentine and foreign tourists, who feel attracted by a variety of activities such as skiing, fishing, horseback riding, trekking, photo tours, and in the last few years, the Wine Road.
New viticultural area in Argentina
- Sandy and stony soils in which the vine roots grow deeply in search for nutrients and minerals.
- Constant breezes and winds keep vineyards free of plagues and contribute to concentration in the fruit, color and structure (thicker skin).
- Intense rays of sunlight help every variety ripen very well.
- Scarce precipitation and humidity prevent diseases.
- 180 mm of average precipitation a year.
- Dripping irrigation is necessary for the vines to survive.
- Large temperature gap between day and night during the ripening period.
- Acidity and sugar balance in the grapes.
- Slow and controlled ripening.
- Fresh expression of every variety.
- Sweet tannins.
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